Launch Party for The Root of It All™

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Over a year of hard work culminated last week as we celebrated the official launch of The Root of It All™ in Colorado. We want to thank everyone who came out to Carbon Cafe & Bar to help make this launch party an extraordinary success! We packed the place to the gills with cannabis industry professionals and celebrated the release of our ground-breaking essential remedies with fantastic food and drink.

Cannabis media titans DOPE magazine and THC Magazine were in attendance alongside many of other media outlets like Colorado’s own Westword. We were proud to welcome representatives from a slew of hugely popular Colorado Dispensaries such as Good Chemistry and LivWell.

The stars of the night, of course, were our all-natural cannabis-infused essential oil blends. Our products were available for use to all attendees of the RSVP-only event, and each of their unique qualities facilitated an incredible evening. Whether attendees chose to GO, SLOW, STOP or indulge in a soothing REWIND, our products helped set the mood for the evening.

With these high-quality products, we hope to introduce a level of sophistication to the cannabis-infusion market that will help change the way the average person thinks about cannabis products. And our launch party was only the beginning. We hope to continue spreading our roots throughout Colorado by finding fantastic dispensary partners and fostering a positive relationship with the community.

To learn more about our unique line cannabis-infused essential remedies, please contact sales@greenrushnetwork.com or call 720-593-8420.

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