Demystifying the Dispensary Experience: Tips for Your First Visit

Cannabis. Weed. Pot. Marijuana. All of these words mean the same thing, but the plant means something different to everyone. For years, cannabis has been tagged with a negative stigma and is constantly surrounded by negative thoughts and perceptions. However, that narrative is beginning to change with the times. As more and more states have begun to legalize the recreational sale and use of cannabis, we are moving towards a greener future.

Some of those who used to be opposed to cannabis and its use are now beginning to open their minds to its many benefits beyond just getting high. Cannabis has many amazing wellness properties and can help people in their daily lives. As more states legalize it, it gives them a chance to discover these benefits for themselves. These people are moving into a category we like to call “canna-curious.” If this sounds like you or someone you know, then you’re in the right spot.

Sometimes taking that first step towards cannabis can be the hardest part for people. From the possible daunting feeling of going to a dispensary for the first time to common misconceptions about the industry itself, we’re here to help you discover a life rooted in wellness.

Whether it’s the negative stigma or common misconceptions surrounding using cannabis, considering trying it for the first time can leave some feeling uneasy. Thinking you’ll be thought of as a “stoner” can be off-putting, but the times truly are changing. Today, cannabis is working its way into the mainstream in the minds of many. With the new ways of using cannabis constantly increasing, you don’t have to just smoke it to enjoy its benefits. From tinctures and topicals to edibles, there are more ways to use cannabis than ever before.

So now you’ve decided that you’re going to take the step and try cannabis? Great! However, when it comes to acquiring cannabis, this can seem like an even bigger step. The process of visiting a dispensary can be intimidating at first, so we brought in two of our California team members, Vivian and Nik, to help tell you what the dispensary experience is actually like and some tips for your first visit. Vivian Wang is our Senior Marketing Manager and Nik Syam is our L.A. Territory Sales Manager, they are both in the field daily working with dispensaries at different capacities.

In the minds of many, dispensaries are still some shack in a back alley. However, this is contrary to what dispensaries are actually like now. With a push for modernization and a customer experience forward mindset, dispensaries these days take on a style of their own. Both Vivian and Nik discussed the fact that each dispensary has a different look and feel to it, Nik added that “the one trend in cannabis is that there’s no trend.” More times than not, dispensaries will take on the culture of the area in which they are located. With a local touch, dispensaries connect with their community by making them feel at home. With glass display cases, great aesthetics, and a welcoming feeling when you walk in, dispensaries are meant to make you feel at ease when speaking with a budtender, as they guide you through the buying process. When you walk in, you realize that people are generally in a happy mood when they’re visiting a dispensary.

On top of the modernization of the dispensary experience, companies are diving deep into how they can create the best product possible. Companies want customers to feel confident that the product they are buying has been put through a multitude of tests and studied for quality assurance. Businesses have been investing more and more into their product development programs to create the highest quality product they can. Here at The Root of It All, we put our products through rigorous testing and quality procedures to ensure a consistent, dependable product. Years and years of research go into the end product, making sure that you get exactly what you expect when you buy it.
Now while it may still seem a little daunting to make that first step, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help ease you into your first visit.

  1. Be curious and ask questions. This is still a new industry and the budtenders are there to be your guide.
  2. Be open to learning about and looking at multiple options.
  3. Have a plan / know what experience you are wanting to achieve (sleep, calm, energy, pain relief, or another effect).
  4. Don’t feel intimidated or rushed when you get in. They are there to help you make an educated decision.
  5. The number of products available may be overwhelming at first but trust that your budtender will help guide you.
  6. Have a debit card or cash as you cannot use credit cards. Typically, there is an ATM on-site that you can use.

Have some tips of your own? Leave them in a comment below!