How to Use Cannabis to Balance Your Emotions

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by Deb Powers

Throughout history, people have used cannabis to help open their minds and connect with the world around them. Most often, they used cannabis as part of a ceremony to help them focus their minds and open themselves to the experience. 

In today’s world, people are turning to cannabis as a way to balance their emotions, unwind from the daily grind, and reconnect with a more mindful state of being. Here’s what you need to know to understand how weed affects your emotions, and how to mindfully incorporate it into your wellness routine. 

A Short History of Cannabis and Emotions

Before we get into the science behind how cannabis interacts with our emotions, it’s helpful to understand the various ways cannabis has been used to enhance states of being throughout history. These are some of the cultures that have used cannabis to help them meditate and be more mindful in their lives. 

  • Some ancient Chinese cultures were using cannabis for spiritual reasons 2,700 years ago
  • One of the earliest Chinese medical books said a person could talk to spirits by using cannabis.
  • In Egypt, cannabis was connected to Seshat, the goddess of wisdom. Followers may have used cannabis in religious ceremonies.
  • Ancient Greeks may have burned cannabis during religious ceremonies.
  • Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, created bhang (an edible mixture made from the buds, leaves, and flowers of the female cannabis plant) from his own body. He drank it to focus his power when doing good things for the world. People eat or drink foods made with bhang on special occasions.
  • Some Native American tribes believe that smoking cannabis with others helps spread peace.
  • Rastafarians use ganja to raise their awareness, get rid of negative energy, and bring peace and community.

The Science Behind Cannabis & Mood

In the modern world, the religious and spiritual practices involving cannabis have begun to be backed up by scientific research. Here are some basic things scientists know about cannabis and how it works in your body.

  • The cannabis plant is made up of more than 500 different substances. Some of them are found in many other plants. Some, called cannabinoids, are much less common in other plants. Scientists have found between 100 and 150 different cannabinoids.
  • These cannabinoids and compounds work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help send messages between your brain and other parts of your body. Scientists believe that the ECS controls nearly everything your body does.
  • THC has a very similar molecular structure to the neurotransmitter anandamide, which is an endogenous cannabinoid that our bodies naturally produce. Also known as the bliss molecule, anandamide is thought to help regulate our mood. Because THC has a similar structure, scientists believe it is able to stimulate the same areas of the brain as anandamide. 
  • Many of these substances seem to work better when you use them together in the right ratio. This is called the entourage effect. This effect can be heightened by using products that pair cannabis with other herbs and spices, like those from The Root of It All (which take their cue from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda).

How Does Weed Affect Your Emotions?

So how does weed affect your emotions? It can depend on a few things, including the type of cannabis product you’re using. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using cannabis-infused essential oils to help you on your path to wellness.

  • Cannabis helps you relax, especially when you use a strain that has a mix of THC and CBD. Why It Helps: It’s hard to meditate or be mindful when your brain is going around in circles. A little weed can help still your mind and make it easier to stay in the moment. The Root of It All’s SLOW tincture blends basil, orange, and fennel, three essential oils that help calm and relax your mind. Slow is infused with an indica strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, so you get the maximum benefit from all of the ingredients.
  • Weed may help you “disconnect” from your emotions. Why It Helps: One of the keys to meditation and mindfulness is to recognize what you feel without holding onto it. One recent study found that cannabis makes it easier to process your emotions without getting stuck in them. If stress is making you restless and unable to quiet your mind, STOP is for you. The blend of chamomile, lavender, and valerian root promotes tranquility and you peacefully unwind from the day’s emotions so you can ease into sleep.. The 10:1 indica strain has just enough THC to activate the other benefits.
  • THC activates the part of your brain that notices details. You notice the rainbow on a soap bubble or the way the veins on a leaf look like little trees. Why It Helps: The goal of mindfulness is to live fully in the moment. Cannabis gives your brain a little extra nudge in the right direction. In fact, yoga and meditation may mimic the effects of cannabis on your brain. GO uses cardamom, ginger, and rosemary, essential oils that wake up your senses and boost your energy. Infused with a THC-strong sativa strain, it’s ideal if you need an energy boost to get you through hot yoga.
  • Cannabis may help with muscle relaxation and body balance. Some research suggests that cannabis helps relax your muscles, making it easier and more comfortable to meditate or do yoga. And obviously, it’s much easier to meditate when you’re not in pain. REWIND is your go-to to help soothe and relax muscle tension. The special turmeric, black pepper, and cloves blend is infused with a CBD-dominant sativa strain for fast, targeted relief.

How to Use Cannabis to Elevate Mindfulness

There’s no one way to use cannabis as part of your mindfulness practice. It depends so much on your needs and what you want to accomplish. These pointers can help you create your personalized routine.

  1. If muscle tension or soreness is a problem, check out these tips on how to use THC salve to soothe muscle aches. Apply 15 to 30 minutes before starting your practice for full effect.
  2. Start low so you can see how cannabis affects your practice. 
  3. If you’re using a tincture, drop one or two drops under your tongue. Hold for 15 seconds, and then wait 15 minutes before you begin meditating.
  4. Remember that mindfulness happens all the time, not just when you’re meditating or practicing. These are a few other ways to add in a little boost during your day: 1) Before you go for a walk, try some GO to increase your awareness and energy. 2) Unwind after dinner to help you enjoy your evening more. 3) Ease stress before social activities to have more fun with friends. 4) SLOW will help ease you into a relaxed state of mind for your evening. 5) STOP for Sleep at bedtime helps ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can be an aid to meditation or used on its own to help you be more mindful and present in your life. The key is choosing the right blend for the effect you want.

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Everything You Should Know About THC Tinctures

THC Tincture Bottle

by Deb Powers

If you’ve visited a dispensary or shopped online for cannabis products lately, you’ve likely seen a growing number of little dark glass bottles with droppers, commonly called tinctures. While tinctures may be new to many people, they have a long history as traditional herbal medicines. They offer many advantages to anyone who’d like to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis and other medicinal herbs and spices in a convenient, easy-to-access way. 

Want to know more? We’ve put together this easy guide to THC tinctures to answer common questions and help you make informed decisions about the best ways to support your lifestyle.

What Is a THC Tincture? 

Technically, a tincture is a highly concentrated herbal extract made by soaking herbs in alcohol, vegetable glycerin, or oil. This process draws out the various chemical compounds contained within the plant and suspends them in a liquid that you can drink, add to food, or use in other ways. A THC tincture, then, is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that includes THC, the compound in cannabis that is responsible for the euphoric, high feeling.

How Tinctures Are Made

Making tinctures is easier to understand if you think about what happens when you make a cup of tea. You simply soak dried herbal matter — leaves, flowers, roots, and/or buds — in hot water until the water takes on the flavor of the herbs.

When you do this, the bonds that held the chemical compounds in the herbs are dissolved, releasing them into the water so that you can drink them, (Which, you have to admit, is far more pleasant than chewing a bunch of dried leaves.) This process also makes these compounds easier for your body to absorb since it doesn’t have to break down all the vegetable matter to get to the beneficial compounds locked into the leaves. In scientific terms, the compounds of the plant have become more bioavailable.

The science behind making a THC tincture is similar, but the process uses oil, vegetable glycerin, or alcohol because those liquids do a better job of releasing THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The process used is more complicated than making a cup of tea, but the same thing is happening: a chemical process breaks down the vegetative material to extract the beneficial compounds so they can be used in other products. 

A Note About Carrier Oil

When you read the label of a THC tincture — and we encourage you to do that — you’ll see that the tincture includes more than just THC. Among the ingredients, you’ll see some type of oil, called a carrier oil

The job of the carrier oil is to help your body absorb and process an essential oil or extract. They’re used in all types of products, including aromatherapy products and cosmetics. While they’re usually listed under inactive ingredients on the ingredient label, the type of carrier oil used can make a difference. Some carrier oils, like olive oil or hemp seed oil, have a strong taste or odor that can change the taste and smell of the tincture, for example. Furthermore, some people may be allergic to specific carrier oils. If you have allergies to certain foods, be sure to check the type of carrier oil used. 

The Root of It All uses all-natural ingredients in our plant-based remedies, and that includes the carrier oils featured in our tinctures. Our carrier oil doesn’t add any unpleasant taste, letting the natural flavors of the spices and herbs shine. 

Types of THC Tinctures

One of the things scientists are learning about cannabis — and plant-based remedies in general — is that certain compounds and components work better together than they do by themselves. We call this the entourage effect, and it’s most commonly used when talking about cannabis. 

There’s growing evidence, for example, that CBD does a better job of relieving specific symptoms when you take it with a little THC. Likewise, it seems that CBD helps moderate the less desirable effects of THC

Based on this, cannabis growers have worked to breed different strains of the plant with different ratios of CBD and THC, and companies that make THC products have followed suit. That’s why you’ll find many different types of THC tinctures on the market, each offering different benefits and experiences for users. That allows you to choose specific tinctures to target specific conditions. 

Some of the most common formulations you’ll see include

  • THC Tinctures: These tinctures contain only concentrated THC, and usually promise a mood, energy, and creativity boost. 
  • THC-Dominant Tinctures: As the name implies, THC dominant tinctures have more THC proportionally than they do CBD. THC dominant tinctures are often used for relaxation before bed.
  • CBD-Dominant Tinctures: CBD dominant tinctures offer the health benefits of CBD with just enough THC to enhance the effects.
  • Balanced Tinctures: Tinctures with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC offer the benefits of both compounds, promoting relaxation and helping target specific health conditions.

The Root Of It All Difference

At The Root of It All, we believe the entourage effect goes beyond cannabis. Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic system of health and wellness, our tinctures combine traditional botanical remedies infused with the activating influence of cannabis. We’re pioneering therapeutic combinations of plant-based remedies for a range of every day conditions by selectively pairing proprietary cannabis extracts with unique blends of Ayurvedic herbs and spices. 

Our Stop essential oil, for example, combines chamomile, lavender, and valerian — three botanical remedies known to promote restful sleep — in addition to a 3:1 ratio of THC and CBD. We take the same care with all of our tinctures, combining herbs and spices with cannabis to help promote wellness and support an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Benefits of Using Tinctures

Why do people choose tinctures? Tinctures offer a whole range of benefits for people who want to fit cannabis into their lives. These are some of the most often cited.

Tinctures Act Fast

When used sublingually — dropped under your tongue — tinctures are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. That means you feel the effects within minutes. 

Tinctures Spare Your Lungs

Since you’re not inhaling anything, you don’t have to worry about the effects that smoking may have on your lungs or respiratory system.

They’re Convenient and Discreet

The only equipment you need to use tinctures is an eyedropper. The small bottles are easy to carry with you on the go or to keep in a desk drawer. Using a tincture is as easy and quick as popping a mint into your mouth or spritzing with breath spray, and there’s no smoke or lingering smell to raise anyone’s eyebrows.

They’re Versatile

If you prefer, you can mix a few drops into a drink or in food, making them a good choice for culinary uses.

It’s Easier to Dose with Tinctures

Tinctures allow you to accurately measure exactly the amount you need to get the effects you want. And since they act fast, it’s easy to judge when you’ve reached just the right level.

Tinctures Are Accessible

Tinctures are newbie-friendly. There’s no complicated paraphernalia to buy and learn to use. They’re the perfect product for anyone who wants to explore and enjoy the benefits of cannabis without necessarily engaging in the whole cannabis culture and rituals. 

How to Use Tinctures

Most people use tinctures in one of two ways: as sublingual drops, or mixed into food or drink. The effects will be a little different depending on the method you choose.


  1. Measure the desired dose with the dropper.
  2. Drop the tincture under your tongue.
  3. Hold it under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

With sublingual consumption, you’ll start feeling the effects of the tincture within 10 to 15 minutes or sooner. At that point, you can judge the effect, and, if necessary, use a little more. Since everyone’s body is different — and tolerance can even vary from one situation to another — you may have to do a little experimentation to discover the optimal dose for yourself. 

In Food or Drink

You can also add a tincture to food or drink and ingest it that way. It’s as simple as adding one or two droppers of the tincture to your morning smoothie, drizzling it over a salad — or your midnight ice cream. If you do add a tincture to food, you won’t feel the effects as quickly — it can take 1 to 2 hours for it to work through your digestive system. You also may need to up the dosage, as this is a less efficient way of ingesting cannabis (meaning that some of the THC will get broken down by your digestive system before you can feel its effects). Just as with edibles, start low and slow, and give it time to take effect before deciding you need to take more.

Tinctures, The Root of it All Way

The Root of It All features an exciting line of cannabis-infused tinctures, each formulated to target specific conditions that affect your everyday life. From a morning pick-me-up to relaxation to deep restful sleep, our botanical remedies are designed to support your wellness throughout the day.

Deb Powers is a freelance writer who has been writing about cannabis, herbal remedies, and other wellness topics for more than 20 years. Her work has appeared on Civilized.Life and on numerous industry websites and publications.



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DIY Chocolate-Berry Smoothie

Summer is right around the corner. Which is why we decided to share one of our favorite summer recipes, it’s Chocolate-Berry Smoothie time! This deliciously refreshing smoothie is inspired by one of our favorite food bloggers, Marie Reginato. 

What you’ll need: 

½ frozen banana

1 cup frozen blueberries or berries 

1 tsp-tbsp cacao powder

½ cup almond milk (I prefer New Barn)

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp flax powder

Pinch of cinnamon

Handful of fresh bananas, blueberries, raspberries, 

Coconut shavings 

1-2 tbsp cacao nibs (optional)




Step 1: Blend banana, frozen fruit, cacao powder, almond milk, almond butter, flax powder, and pinch of cinnamon


Step 2: Pour smoothie out into a bowl


Step 3: Top smoothie with fresh fruit, coconut shavings, cacao nibs, and if you’d like, add another tbsp of almond butter on top. 

Step 4: Enjoy! Give @marie.reginato a follow on IG and we highly recommend checking out her book, “Alternative Vegan.” The book is filled with yummy, amazing healthy plant based recipes that break the rules! 

Your New Year of Wellness

We’re here to welcome you to the new year, the new decade, and say NOW is your time. This is your time to reach those goals, find your passion, and chase your dreams. As we enter the 2020’s, it’s time to look about building towards the future you truly desire and discovering wellness should be included in that. Here at The Root of It All™, we take pride in providing the best products to help you through every pace of your day. Whether it’s for recovery, more energy, sleep, or stress relief, we make remedies for everyday conditions. Learn more about each of our pioneering formulas below!


Start every day with a boost with GO for energy! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with 90 mg THC (sativa) to get you moving. GO is also infused with an Ayurvedic blend of cardamom, ginger, and rosemary; ingredients known to encourage warmth, alertness, and energy, naturally. Learn more about GO here.

Find the refreshing feeling that both your mind and body crave with UNWIND for recharging! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC to recharge your senses after mentally and physically draining days. UNWIND is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of turmeric, black pepper, and cloves. We created UNWIND with the idea of mimicking the feeling of slipping into a hot tub at the end of long day or workout. Learn more about UNWIND here.

Find sweet serenity with SLOW for calming! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD to relax the mind and body. SLOW is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of basil, sweet fennel, and orange; ingredients traditionally used to encourage calm, soothing comfort and relaxation, naturally. Learn more about SLOW here.

Discover restful sleep the natural way with STOP for sleeping! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with a 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD to ease you into a deep sleep. STOP is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of chamomile, lavender, and valerian root; ingredients traditionally used to encourage peacefulness and promote a restful, deep sleep naturally. Learn more about STOP here.

Release your worries the natural way with EASE for stress relief! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC to calm restlessness and promote comfort. EASE is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of lemongrass, bergamot, and ylang-ylang; ingredients traditionally used promote tranquility, stress relief, and a quiet mind, naturally. Learn more about EASE here.

Regain balance the natural way with SETTLE for nausea! Our Ayurvedic oil is made with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC to target quick relief from indigestion and upset stomach while restoring balance back to the body. SETTLE is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of ginger, lemon, and peppermint; ingredients traditionally used to aid in digestion and suppress nausea, naturally. Learn more about SETTLE here.


Relieve those occasional tensions the natural way with REWIND for restoration! Our Ayurvedic ointment is made with a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC to ensure fast, localized relief every time. REWIND is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of turmeric, black pepper, and cloves; ingredients traditionally used to soothe aches and pains from sore muscles and joints, naturally. Learn more about REWIND here.

Soothe irritated skin the natural way with REPAIR for skin care! Our Ayurvedic ointment is made with a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC to target skin discomfort with fast, localized relief. REPAIR is infused with an Ayurvedic blend of cucumber, sage, and aloe vera; ingredients traditionally used to soothe and cool the skin, naturally. Learn more about REPAIR here.

Life can put your mind, body, and wellness through a lot. Each and every day is different, and we wanted to make sure that no matter where it takes you, we will be there. So, make sure that you’re ready to take on those 2020 goals with a newfound wellness from The Root of It All™!

Mastering Your Mind: A Clear & Positive Mindset

As the end of 2019 approaches, it’s time to wrap up the year and put yourself in a position to make 2020 your best year yet. As we begin to look back at our past year, it’s also time to begin setting goals for the next. In order to do this properly, it is important to practice positive thinking. By mastering a positive mindset, you can then find mental clarity you need to see what you truly want to achieve and how you can do it.

Something that is not commonly known, is that when the brain is in a positive state it is able to reach a higher level of creativity. This higher state of creativity can facilitate goal setting for the new year with mindful reflection of the past. By creatively and positively reflecting on the past, you allow your brain to see more possibilities than with that of a negative mindset. A negative mindset can often leave the brain feeling threatened and, in turn, close you off to new opportunities.

The power of positive thinking can go much further than just reflecting and thinking forward. By combining positive thinking with daily affirmations, you can set the tone for what you WILL achieve. The difference between resolutions and affirmations can sometimes be as simple as reframing your mindset from “I’ll try” and “possibly” to “I will” and “I am.” This small change can put you in the mindset that reaching your goal(s) is something that will happen. Even when times get hard and it seems like you won’t achieve your goals, you have to tell yourself you will and keep going!

Fostering a new, exciting future is within your reach. Not only is 2020 a new year, but it’s a whole new decade. Now is a chance for you to turn the page and write the rest of your story. By starting this year on the right foot and with a strong mindset, you can make it your best year yet!

Mastering Your Mind: Self-Care & The Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, giving, and happiness, but often it can be stressful. Whether it’s from the hustle and bustle of travel, planning, packed stores, or even just seeing as many people as possible, it can quickly get to you. More common than not during this time of year, we put an emphasis on taking care of others, in turn, leaving little time for ourselves. Make sure you don’t forget about yourself this holiday season with some of the self-care tips below.

Reflect/Practice Gratitude

Taking some time to stop and reflect can help you see what you’re truly grateful for. Practicing gratitude allows you to see the positives even though you may be going through tough times. Simply by changing your perspective, you can see the world in a different light. Reflecting on everything can help you focus on what’s important in your life and shift your energy towards those things. Find more ways to practice kindness and gratitude this holiday season here.

Make ME Time

Engaging in activities that you enjoy can help you create rituals and feel grounded while the world is moving quickly around you. Whether it’s exercise, yoga, meditation, or another hobby you enjoy, this should be time for you to unwind and find your center. Learn more about the importance of daily rituals and how they help you focus on your goals and wellness here.

Nutrition/Physical health
Similar to making “me” time, carving out time to prioritize your health can help you find balance. Ensuring that you get adequate sleep and find healthy food options can help you create a plan so that you can enjoy holiday foods and treats.


Remember that the holidays are a time that should focus on the good things in life and being surrounded by the ones you love. While these are just a few options to help you reduce stress, find what works for you and enjoy this holiday season!

Practicing Kindness and Gratitude This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time full of travel, giving, and being surrounded by the ones you love. This season is also a great time to celebrate the many good things that have taken place over the past year. Even though you may have experienced disappointment or setbacks through life’s ups and downs, you still have many things to be thankful for. By reframing our experiences with gratitude, we can experience an emotional state with healing effects. With the holidays being a time of sharing, it’s important that you share this gratitude with those around you so that they too can experience what you’re feeling.

While the holiday season is centered around happiness and joy, sometimes it can be the cause of stress. With this in mind, it is important to remember that everyone could use a little kindness in their day. Here are some ways that you can practice gratitude this holiday season.

Help out

Whether it’s helping clear the plates at dinner, going to the store for the missing ingredient, or cleaning before company arrives, helping out can help relieve some stress for others. It can also help you feel better about making sure you’re doing your part and helping others when they need it.

Be mindful

Similar to helping out is being mindful. A lot of times we tend to put ourselves first and only think about “me.” The holidays are a perfect time to start thinking about others and how you can be mindful of those around you. Whether that’s lending an ear, not overloading someone with tasks, or going the extra mile, your mindfulness will be appreciated and can help others find joy this season.

Volunteer & practice random acts of kindness

Thinking of others and those who may be less fortunate is a great start to spreading joy and gratitude. Volunteering at local organizations can have a greater impact than you may think. One hour of your time can mean a world of difference for an individual or family during this time. Like volunteering, practicing random acts of kindness can go a long way. This can be anything from giving a few dollars to someone in need, paying it forward while getting food, or even just helping carry something for a neighbor.

No matter how big or small the act may be, gratitude can go a long way this season. So, take the extra minute to help someone in need and see how much of an impact it can have.

A Life Rooted in Wellness: Daily Rituals

From work, to kids, to travel, each and every day can be challenging and different. Despite this, there are a few things that should always remain the same. Your daily rituals.

A ritual is defined as an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner. For many of us, a ritual is the perfect way to carve out some much needed “me” time. Whether that be at the beginning or end of our day, a ritual is something that helps us remain grounded in our ever-changing lives.

Every day we carry out rituals and routines. With rituals, we are fully focused and perform them with intent. Routines on the other hand, can be performed without much thought. What’s great, is that rituals and routines vary from person to person. We are defined as individuals by how we carry out our daily lives. From sunup to sundown, rituals are the key to starting and ending your day with intent.

Starting every day on the right foot with a morning ritual is a great way to lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling day. Some common rituals include reading, yoga, meditation, catching up on news, and creating to-do lists, along with many other activities. The best part about rituals is that they mean something different to everyone. And it is these differences that define who we are.

Sometimes, just getting the day started can be difficult. If you’re like many of us, it might take you some time to wake up in the morning. If this is true, consider adding GO for energy into your morning ritual. GO provides a natural, plant-based alternative to coffee that will help you find the focused energy you need to start your day.

Just as you begin your day, end your day with the same intent. Whether it’s making sure that you take care of your body or incorporating a wellness regime to your ritual, having a game plan is crucial. Long days, stress, and strenuous physical activity can leave your body feeling worn out and searching for relief. Adding REWIND into your nightly ritual can help relieve those occasional aches and pains that can come from sore muscles and joints. Whether it’s completing a fitness routine, finishing a chapter in a book, or just simply cooking dinner; you can switch the gears from a hectic day to one of relaxation.

Taking steps to ensure you get a great night’s sleep is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Your nightly ritual should always encompass a bedtime routine to take advantage of every minute of sleep. Sleep is one of the most commonly overlooked forms of self-care, yet it is the most important. Isn’t it time you found a great way to catch those well-earned Z’s? STOP for sleeping  is the perfect addition to your bedtime ritual. Composed of ingredients traditionally used in Ayurveda for sweet serenity and great night’s sleep, STOP is a delight to the senses and a natural way to end your day.

As the world speeds around us, our rituals are what keep us grounded and focused in our goals and wellness. Keeping consistent rituals will help you find clarity and direction, while also giving you something to look forward to each and every day.

A Life Rooted in Wellness: Sweat Tested

Living an active lifestyle has more benefits than you may think. Outside of the obvious cardiovascular benefits that being active can have, there’s also the emotional health impact it can have. Physical experience is a great way to practice emotional health and with October being National Emotional Awareness Month, we wanted to shine some light on this important part of one’s overall wellness.

Physical wellness can carry a different meaning from person to person and while it may be different for everyone, the same school of thought still applies; engaging in regular exercise can serve as a great catalyst for improved health. The idea that wellness differs between individuals is also prevalent in Ayurvedic practices. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old philosophy of holistic wellness meaning the “science of life.” This traditional Indian practice believes in harnessing the powers of natural remedies to help balance your mind, body, and emotions. This is just one of the reasons why we, here at The Root of It All™, keep Ayurveda at the heart of everything we do.

As we move through our day-to-day lives, we run into life’s challenges. No matter how big or small they are, they can have an impact on us and take a toll on our emotional well-being. This is where living an active lifestyle or having a go-to physical activity can help you release your worries. Whether it’s going on a run, heading to the gym, or sweating it out in a great yoga session, being physically active is a great way to leave your problems at the door and focus on you and your well-being. These activities not only allow you to improve physically they also give you a chance to clear your mind and find some inner peace while you enjoy some “me” time.

With this in mind, our team of expert scientists and product developers set out to create the best remedies to address everyday conditions that may hold you back from living an active lifestyle. These conditions can range from sleeplessness and stress to lack of energy and soreness. Whether you’re looking to slow things down to relax for yoga or need an extra boost of energy for that tough workout, we have remedies that will be there when you need them. You can learn more about our remedies and how they utilize Ayurveda to help with everyday conditions here .

No matter who you are, The Root of It All™ is made for you, me, and everyone in between. So, whether you’re a professional, grandparent, millennial, artist, craftsman, or someone just looking for a natural option, isn’t it time you discovered a life rooted in wellness?

Serenity Centered

Serenity. It’s a feeling we all know and have come to cherish. As we find moments of bliss, we feel at ease, we feel whole. Sometimes these moments come by the masses and sometimes they seem to be few and far between. Life happens fast and without realizing it, you can forget to take time for yourself. Taking a second to decompress and let your worries melt away is exactly what your “me” time is for.

The Root of It All™ knows that when you get back to your root and discover wellness, you find serenity. That’s the reasoning behind our holistic approach to developing all-natural, Ayurvedic remedies. We have found that combining the powers of Ayurvedic ingredients with varying ratios of THC and CBD, we can create condition specific, powerful plant-based remedies. While we do create products for everyday conditions, this feature is going to focus on two remedies that help you destress and slow things down.

As we approach National CBD Day, we only saw it fit to highlight our CBD rich remedy, EASE for stress relief. EASE combines a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC with an Ayurvedic blend of lemongrass, bergamot, and ylang ylang. These ingredients are known to calm restlessness, promote comfort, and quiet the noise. So, the next time you’re looking to leave your stress behind reach for EASE, the all-natural, plant-based option.

Now you may not always be looking for stress relief, sometimes all you want to do is slow things down. Whether it’s at the end of a long day or just before a yoga session, you may be trying to find that blissful state of serenity. Our Ayurvedic remedy SLOW for calming is made to help you do just that! With an Ayurvedic blend of basil, sweet fennel, and orange, SLOW is bursting with culinary flavors and is a delight to the senses. It also combines this blend with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. These ingredients are all known to encourage calm, soothing comfort and relaxation. Find your calm the natural way and try SLOW today!

The time is now for you to find the natural solution to your everyday conditions. So, don’t forget to check out our other Ayurvedic remedies and see how The Root of It All™ can help take you through every pace of your day! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Tag us in a post and let us know where The Root of It All™ takes you, and how you use it in your day-to-day life!